Heal from your past and
create thriving relationships

Courses from Drs. Tom and Bev Rodgers to help you
change your life and heal your relationships.

Are your relationships suffering?

  • Feeling like your past is holding you back in life and relationships?
  • Having the same conflicts over and over but can’t seem to resolve them?
  • Want to turn your “good” relationship into a “great” relationship?
  • Having trouble believing God loves you when you can’t seem to love yourself?

No matter how many self-help books and Scriptures you read, prayers you pray, and sermons you listen to, something seems to keep holding you back from building healthy relationships.

Your life and relationships can change.

God created you to love and be loved. With the Soul Healing Love curriculum, you'll learn to overcome your past and build a healthier, happier life.

Reprogram Your Thoughts

Learn to take negative thoughts captive so you can be transformed by the renewing of your mind - using neurobiology and Scripture.

Heal Your Relationships

Break out of unhealthy conflicts and misunderstandings with powerful communication, listening, and conflict resolution skills. 

Understand Yourself

Explore your family-of-origin, broken relationships, and past trauma to reveal how they affect your relationships now.

We've been there too.

The “Soul Healing Love” Model wasn’t created by a bunch of PhDs in a conference room.

We created Soul Healing Love to save our breaking marriage. Yep, even marriage counselors have marital and family problems! 

We’ve been where you are, and we want to help.

Meet Drs. Tom and Bev Rodgers

Drs. Tom and Bev Rodgers have been Christian counselors for over 40 years. Over a lifetime of experience in clinical therapy, they developed
“Soul Healing Love”- a therapy model that can help you learn and heal from your past to create thriving relationships with your spouse and family.

Soul Healing Love is changing lives in counseling centers and
small groups in 25 states and 6 countries.

Dr. Gary Chapman

Author, The 5 Love Languages

"For those seeking healing and health Drs. Bev and Tom point the way. I highly recommend their work."

Chris Cambas

Chris Cambas

Founder, National Marriage Seminars

"Drs. Tom & Beverly have done a masterful work in creating the Soul Healing Love model. Their contribution to the field of marriage and family therapy cannot be overstated. Strongly recommend to all therapists and couples."

Tim Clinton

President, American Association of Christian Counselors

"We are broken and healed in relationships. The path to healing is the wonderful work God is doing to get you beyond pain to a new and better life.

Drs. Bev and Tom lay out a practical path toward healing."

Don and Angie Power

Don and Angie Power

Founders, Marriage and Family Works

"The Soul Healing Love Couples Workshop helped heal our own marriage. My wife and I have been trained in the model and use it in my marriage coaching practice along with the workbook.

My couples say they found insight and freedom that they never experienced before. Many were on the brink of divorce and found their way back with the Soul Healing Love Model."


The Soul Healing Love Curriculum

We have been teaching these courses for 30+ years around the world.

After seeing countless people and relationships transform, we couldn’t help but make these courses available to everyone.

Now, you can take them yourself online. It's time to become the true YOU, the person God created you to be.

Healing The Soul: Master Series - $199

If you want to get out of negative ruts, stop your unhealthy mindsets, move to a positive perspective on life and build healthier relationships, then this Master Series is for you.

You'll get familiar with the tools of the Soul Healing Love model and answer the burning question: Could my past be holding me back?

You will discover your soul wounds without blame or shame for both your family and yourself. You will learn the neurobiology of the brain and how it processes trauma, and enjoy Biblically and psychologically sound exercises to help heal those wounds.

As a bonus video, you will receive Dr. Tom’s video on The Biblical Perspective on the Soul Healing Love Model.

Healing the Soul Master Series
Soul Healing Love Leaders Workshop
Soul Healing Love: Leader Training - $199

Take the mystery out of couple's therapy. With Soul Healing Love, you'll never feel ill-prepared for or shy away from couple’s work again.

The Doctors lay out a systematic path toward healing wounded souls using tried-and-true exercises and tools from the Soul Healing Love Model.

You'll discover a step-by-step approach to help people heal from their past and learn to be healers to others, especially their spouse.

Be the counselor you've always wanted to be by teaching couples how to communicate effectively, enhance empathy and foster forgiveness.

As a bonus video you will receive Dr. Tom’s video on The Biblical Perspective on the Soul Healing Love Model.

Soul Healing Love: Couples Workshop - $199

Tired of the same old conflicts in your relationship? Stressed that there are certain subjects you dread discussing because they usually end in a fight?

This Series will help you correct these relationship dilemmas and many more. Veteran marriage counselors Drs. Bev and Tom Rodgers will use exercises and tools to help you understand yourself and each other and finally know what you are really fighting about. You then can begin to communicate effectively, resolve conflict, and reconcile differences.

Why wait? Get started now in becoming soul healers with God’s divine help and practical tools from the Soul Healing Love model.

As a bonus video you will receive Dr. Tom’s video on The Biblical Perspective on Soul Healing Love.

Soul Healing Love Couples Workshop


What people are saying about "Soul Healing Love"

Les and Leslie

Authors and Speakers

Every family, no matter how healthy, needs healing.

The Soul Healing Love Model is a catalyst for helping you heal from the hurts that fragment you.

Kelly Skinner

Soul Healing Love Member

The Soul Healing Love Model has helped our family have a stronger, deeper, and more authentic connection!

It has helped me personally to heal and know that true transparency and transformation are possible if you are willing to embrace the process.

Your family will be blessed and pass a legacy of true love, joy and connection for generations. It’s God’s design and true happiness is possible.

Brian Wyatt

Soul Healing Love Member

Through the Soul Healing Love Workshops my life began to transform.

God used the hands of Bev and Tom in mine and many others' lives to help us heal, grow, and become the children God wants us to be.

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